Ascheman Oil offers many different fuels with competitive pricing and flexible delivery options. Ascheman Oil has the capability and versatility to meet all your commercial and agricultural fuel needs. From large transport loads to small deliveries we can meet your needs. We offer deliveries from a minimum of 150 gallons to 7500 gallon transport loads.

Below are the Sinclair fuel products that we offer:

  • #2 Off-Road Bio-Diesel (Dyed)
  • #2 On-Road Bio-Diesel (Clear)
  • #1 Off-Road Diesel (Dyed)
  • #1 On-Road Diesel (Clear)
  • #1 and #2 Fuel Oil (Dyed)
  • Gasoline (Optional Farm Use State Tax Exempt available)
  • Premium Oxygenated Gasoline
  • Premium Non-Oxygenated Gasoline offered at the Station pumps

All of our diesel fuels are ULSD diesel treated with premium Schaeffer’s fuel additives. Please see the Schaeffer’s link for more information on the additive.

#137ULSW Diesel Treat 2000™ Winter Fuel Additive: http://www.schaefferoil.com/diesel-treat–winter.html

CarbonTreat™ Premium Winter Fuel Additives: http://www.schaefferoil.com/carbontreat-winter.html

#141 BioTreat™ Premium Diesel: http://www.schaefferoil.com/biotreat.html

At Ascheman Oil we offer many different buying programs:
Want to save time and have a worry free heating season, give us a call we can put you on automatic delivery and you won’t need to check your tank. Before the next delivery is made, your account needs to be paid in full. If your balance is not paid within 30 days of the date of delivery, you may be taken off of the Automatic Delivery Program.

The will-call delivery option is for those who want to call for delivery or those who are on a cash only basis. You are required to check your gauge and call when you are in need of a delivery. Please be sure to provide a 24 hour notice for delivery to avoid any extra delivery charges, we try to accommodate you quickly, but can’t always guarantee same day delivery.

For Fuel Oil- We offer a budget program which consists of 10 monthly payments from July thru April.

For Agricultural Fuel- We offer contracting.

Oils & Lubricants
Ascheman Oil & Propane offers a variety of oils and lubricants. Call us for all your oil and def needs!